Robotics News & Articles – IEEE Spectrum

Robotics News & Articles – IEEE Spectrum


Root educational robotHow Root Wants to Bring Coding to Every Classroom

23 Nov

Photo of an Apple IIe and a Lego-made external interfaceBuilding 8-Bit Bots

22 Nov

NABiRoS humanoid robot from RoMeLaNABiRoS Robot Makes Us Wonder Why We All Don’t Walk Sideways

21 Nov

Keepon dancing robotVideo Friday: Self-Racing Cars, Robot Grumpy Cat, and Where’s Keepon?

18 Nov

Researchers develop cockroach robot that flips itself with insect-inspired wingsCockroach Robot Flips Itself With Insect-Inspired Wings

17 Nov



KAIST's humanoid robot can convert manned aircraft to unmanned aircraft by just sitting in the pilot's seatThis Robot Can Fly a Plane From Takeoff to Landing

15 Nov


Humanoid robot laughingRobot Dance Party: Major Robotics Conference Coming to South Korea

4 Oct


The Mobile Virtual Player robotic tackling dummy takes hits so football players don't have to, avoiding sports injuries and concussionsTackle This: Football’s Newest Most Valuable Player Is a Robot

9 Sep


Festo's chief pilot gives us a private demo of its eMotionButterfly, AirJelly, and AirPenguinFesto’s Fantastical Flying Robots

19 Aug


Drone engineering chops meet first person view flying in the exhilarating new mixed reality sport of drone racingCustomized Drones Give Pilots an “Out of Body” Racing Experience

12 Aug


Genetically Engineered Rat Cells Make This Robot Stingray Swim

12 Jul


Cecilia Laschi with octopusRobot Octopus Points the Way to Soft Robotics With Eight Wiggly Arms

15 Aug

Do We Want Robot Warriors to Decide Who Lives or Dies?

31 May

Would You Trust a Robot Surgeon to Operate on You?

31 May

The Neural Network That Remembers

26 Jan

Seabed-Mining Robots Will Dig for Gold in Hydrothermal Vents

22 Dec 2015

Jibo Is as Good as Social Robots Get. But Is That Good Enough?

23 Dec 2015

More Robotics

BALLU Humanoid Blimp RobotMeet BALLU, UCLA’s Humanoid Blimp Robot

16 Nov

Researchers are developing robot-plant biohybridsRobot-Plant Biohybrids Growing in European Laboratories

15 Nov

DLR Humanoid Robot ToroVideo Friday: Robot Dance Contest, 500 Drones Flying, and Steady Humanoid

11 Nov

CyclocopterWorld’s Smallest Cyclocopter Brings Unique Design to Microdrones

10 Nov

Echodyne's metamaterial-based detect and avoid radar sensorMetamaterial Radar Is Exactly What Delivery Drones Need

8 Nov

Gesture-controlled robot arm with Myo armbandVideo Friday: Rescue Robot, Gesture Control, and 1986 Self-Driving Van

4 Nov

Robot Drone ManBehind the Music: How “Robot Drone Man” Built His Flying Avatar

7 Nov

Georgia Tech warm robot skin for tactile sensingRobots With Warm Skin Know What They’re Touching

2 Nov

Russia's humanoid robot FedorVideo Friday: Russian Android, Swarm User Interface, and Robot Drone Man

28 Oct

GRASP Lab pico drone can fly through obstaclesThe Secret to Small Drone Obstacle Avoidance Is to Just Crash Into Stuff

31 Oct

pedestrian stepping into street at crosswalk while other pedestrians stand on curbWill Overly Polite Self-Driving Cars Brake for Jerks?

26 Oct

Harvard's self-folding origami robotsSwarm of Origami Robots Can Self Assemble Out of a Single Sheet

26 Oct

Exterior of a smart mailboxRFID + Camera + Lock = Smart Mailbox

1 Nov

Georgia Tech robot moving furnitureYou Can’t Stop Robots With Furniture Barricades Anymore

24 Oct

Kengoro humanoid with robotic toesVideo Friday: Robot Toes, Wolverine Haptic Hand, and More From IROS 2016

21 Oct

SRI's Abacus drive rotary transmissionSRI Demonstrates Abacus, the First New Rotary Transmission Design in 50 Years

19 Oct

Stanford computer science professor calls for greater ethnic and gender diversity in artificial intelligenceComputer Vision Leader Fei-Fei Li on Why AI Needs Diversity

19 Oct

How is artificial intelligence going to affect the world of work?What AI Experts Say Smart Machines Will Do to Human Jobs

18 Oct

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